In addition to code, I'm also an active musician! Here are just a few examples of projects I've released and been a part of:

Store Hours


My first ever electronic album, created in a three-month period during the pandemic with Logic Pro X.

Genre(s): Electronic, lo-fi hip-hop, soul, rock, tropical house

True East


The debut release of my trio, True East - a collaboration between myself, drummer Zack O'Farrill and bassist Ran Livneh.

Genre(s): Modern jazz, Afro-Carribean music, cumbia, indie rock

Ghost Light (Karikatura)


Second full-length release by "global soul" band Karikatura (contributed trombone, vocals and horn and string arrangements)

Genre(s): Soul, pop, Afro-pop, cumbia

El Viaje (Avenida B)


Debut album from New York salsa band Avenida B

Genre(s): Salsa, salsa dura